Tariq Lahyani
5405 Century Ave # 101
Middleton, WI 53562
Tel: 608/827-5083


Challenging position in software design and development. Special interest in eBusiness solutions.


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Jan.98 - expected Dec.00)
    Undergraduate student in the Computer Sciences Department. GPA so far: 3.12/4.00
  • International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco (Sept.95 - May.97)
    Undergraduate student in Computer Information Systems. GPA: 3.79/4.00
  • Lycee Dar-assalam, Rabat-Morocco (May 95)
    Baccalaureat in Mathematical Sciences


  • Programming experience in Wisplan Computer Services (Apr 00 - present)
    Web Programmer: Design and implement interactive web pages using dynamic forms and database interaction. Created an online reservation system for a voice chat room using ColdFusion, Oracle and Html.

  • Consulting experience in UW-Hospital (July 98 - Apr 00)
    Computer Assistant: Provided computer support to the medical school faculty and students with their research and presentations, maintained the Educational Resources Department's equipment and installed and troubleshot hardware and software.

  • Business experience in Entreprise Lahyani S.A., Morocco (June97 - Dec.97)
    Assistant Manager: Supervised construction sites, provided supplies and directed the operation.

    Computer Skills:

  • Programming Languages: java, C++, ColdFusion, javascript, HTML, SQL
  • Platforms: UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows XX
  • Miscellaneous: Matlab, CAD, Oracle


    Association of Information Systems Professionals: Member of the web committee


    I speak Arabic, French and English fluently
    Last updated: July 26, 2000