dont forget to check the fstab supplied by the mklinux installer, its possibly

-drive names/SCSI bus scanning:  the internal bus is scanned first, drives are
assigned letters in the order that they are found in (SCSI ID 0 before ID 7).
then the external bus is scanned and those devices are assigned contiguous
letters.  Partitions are numbered 1 through ?.  1 nad 2 are usually the Apple
Driver and Partition map.  Mac OS volumes are now included in the numbering

The Open Firmware names for goes like this:  a typical name looks like
scsi/sd@1:0  to break this down: scsi is the device path name, in this case
scsi is an alias for something like /bandit/gc@20000/MESH@10000/sd@1:0 (thats
not real, but it looks something like that)  the sd tells OF that its a (s)csi
(d)isk, the @1 says its at SCSI ID1, and the :0 meand to use the first bootable
partition.  Ideally you'd be able to specify the :0 as something else to get
different partitions, but this triggers yet another bug in OF.