GraphicsTown by Zhenghao Gu
UW - Madison CS559 2017 Spring
A modern browser is necessary (Chrome 58 works well, 56/57 should work)

Several seconds may need to load all pictures

Some changes on the control & interface:

1. Origin arcball is replaced so the control is a bit different
2. Scroll wheel to change fov
3. In drive mode, use WASD to move, Left and Right arrows to look around
4. In fly mode, use WASD to move around, SPACE to move up, LEFT_SHIFT to move down. Four arrows to look around.

How to run this demo:

1. All integrated shaders and pictures are moved into standalone files
2. The easiest way is to try this online version:
3. If prompted, username is p7-1 and passwd is 23bc966
4. To run locally, try `/path/to/project/folder$ anywhere`. `anywhere` can be installed by `npm install anywhere -g`


1. Skybox texture downloaded from
2. Globe map texture downloaded from
3. Globe specular map downloaded from
4. Wood box texture downloaded from
5. Ground texture, normal map & specular map downloaded from
6. Teapot model downloaded from
7. Bezier curve library from

Run TimeOfDay
ArcBall Mode
Drive Mode
Fly Mode

Curve options:
Show Curve
Hermit Curve
Bezier Curve
Curve option