Research Overview

My dissertation research is broadly in the area of hardware specialization, from basically three angles:

  • Transparent Specialization: Offloading to alternate, programmable execution engines transparently from the user, on difficult general purpose workloads. [ASPLOS 2016, ISCA 2015, PACT 2013]
  • Programmable Specialization: Exposing programmable specialization architectures to enable high efficiency gains within small factors of ASICs [HPCA 2016, IEEE MICRO 2012, HPCA 2012].
  • Mathematical Optimization: Program optimization, using mathematical modeling with integer linear programs or SMT. We have mainly focused on instruction scheduling for spatial architectures. [TOPLAS 2014, Synth Lecture 2013, PLDI 2013, CAN 2013]

Conference and Workshop Publications

T. Nowatzki, K. Sankaralingam
Analyzing Behavior Specialized Acceleration. ASPLOS 2016.

T. Nowatzki, V. Gangadhar, K. Sankaralingam, G. Wright
Pushing the Limits of Accelerator Efficiency While Retaining Programmability. HPCA 2016.

M. Watkins, T. Nowatzki, A. Carno.
Software Transparent Dynamic Binary Translation for Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Architectures.. HPCA 2016.

T. Nowatzki, V. Gangadhar, K. Sankaralingam
Exploring the Potential of Heterogeneous Von Neumann/Dataflow Execution Models. ISCA 2015. [Selected for IEEE Micro Top Picks 2016]

T. Nowatzki, J. Menon, C. Ho, K. Sankaralingam
gem5, GPGPUSim, McPAT, GPUWattch, "Your favorite simulator here" Considered Harmful. WDDD 2014.

V. Govindaraju, T. Nowatzki, K. Sankaralingam
Breaking SIMD Shackles with an Exposed Flexible Microarchitecture and the Access Execute PDG. PACT 2013.

T. Nowatzki, M. Sartin-Tarm, L. De Carli, K. Sankaralingam, C. Estan, B. Robatmili
A General Constraint-centric Scheduling Framework for Spatial Architectures. PLDI 2013.
[Distinguised Paper Award]

J. Benson, R. Cofell, C. Frericks, C. Ho, V. Govindaraju, T. Nowatzki , K. Sankaralingam. Design Integration and Implementation of the DySER Hardware Accelerator into OpenSPARC. HPCA 2012.

Journal and Magazine Publications

T. Nowatzki, V. Govindaraju, K. Sankaralingam
A Graph-Based Program Representation for Analyzing Hardware Specialization Approaches. Computer Architecture Letters, 2015. [Best of CAL]

T. Nowatzki, J. Menon, C. Ho, K. Sankaralingam
Architectural Simulators Considered Harmful. IEEE Micro 2015.

A. Yazdanbakhsh, R. Balasubramanian, T. Nowatzki, K. Sankaralingam
Comprehensive Circuit Failure Prediction and Detection for Logic and SRAM using Virtual Aging, Sampled Redundancy, and Asymmetric Checkers. IEEE Micro 2015.

T. Nowatzki, M. Sartin-Tarm, L. De Carli, K. Sankaralingam, C. Estan, B. Robatmili
A Scheduling Framework for Spatial Architectures Across Multiple Constraint-solving Theories. TOPLAS 2014.

M. Sartin-Tarm, T. Nowatzki, L. De Carli, K. Sankaralingam
Constraint-centric Scheduling Guide. Computer Architecture News 2013.

V. Govindaraju, C. Ho, T. Nowatzki, J. Chhugani, N. Satish, K. Sankaralingam, and C. Kim
DySER: Unifying Functionality and Parallelism Specialization for Energy-Efficient Computing. IEEE Micro 2012.


T. Nowatzki , M. Ferris, K. Sankaralingam, C. Estan, N. Vaish, D. Wood
Optimization and Mathematical Modeling in Computer Architecture. Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture 2013.
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