The following is a list of courses I have taken at UW-Madison, along with a link to the final project report or presentation (if applicable).

Master's Project Report

Instructors: Michael Gleicher, Bilge Mutlu

Animating the Gaze Behavior of Virtual Characters

Computer Animation

Instructor: Michael Gleicher

Final Project: Project 1 Project 2

Human-Computer Interaction

Instructor: Bilge Mutlu

Final Project: How Good is an Avatar's Smile?

Machine Learning

Instructor: David Page

Final Project: Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Locomotion Planning in Interactive Applications

Wearable Technology

Instructor: Kevin Ponto

Final Project: TypeSafe: Hand-worn Device for Promoting Healthy Computer Use

History of the Animated Film

Instructor: Andrea Comiskey

Final Project: Principles of Gaze and Arm Animation

Computer Vision

Instructor: Vikas Singh

Final Project: AutoCode: Automated System for Video Annotation of Human Nonverbal Cues

Tools and Environments for Optimization

Instructor: Jeff Linderoth

Final Project: Reducing Visual Complexity in Plots of Smooth Intersecting Contours

Introduction to Physics-Based Modeling and Simulation

Instructor: Eftychios Sifakis

Final Project: Understanding Perception of Simulated Elastic Deformations

Analysis of Software Artifacts

Instructor: Ben Liblit

Final Project: Notification of Propagating Source Code Changes Affecting Use Cases