This is the offical call for beards for the 2009 UW CS Beard Off. It will be updated with new information, and updates will probably be noted here.


January 22 at TGIF
Objective judging
March 11 (time to be announced)
Style judging
March 12 before or during TGIF


What is a Beard Off?

A Beard Off, for those not familiar with the term, is a kind of beard growing competition. Participants present themselves, cleanly-shaved, on the registration day (pictures will be taken) to assure fairness.

Participants then grow the best beard they can by the judging day.

Judging has two components: objective measures and style. The objective judging day comes first and is based on several criteria:

Style judging (also known as flair day) comes one day later and is independent of the objective measures. This partly measured as an improvement over your beard presentation from the first day, and is partly judged on flair. Make us proud.


Late Registration

If you cannot make the registration date but still want to participate (and are confident in your beard-prowess), you are welcome to register late.

Remote registration via live video may be arranged.

Cheating Policy

You may not interfere with any beards that are not your own. Anything else is fair game. Hair growth products? Weird, but okay. Flannel? Encouraged. Lumberjack Challenge? That can be arranged.

Call for Judges

If you feel that you are a qualified beard-judge, let me know and/or send me a hilarious resume.

Participants may not also be judges.

For the Ladies

This includes fun for the ladies, too. You are welcome to register a proxy beard. This would be an individual who would abide by the standard rules of the competition, except his beard would be registered to you. Just bring your beard-proxy to the registration and judging dates.

Note, beards should be proxied consensually.


Email the beard wrangler: travitch at cs