Bradley G. Utegaard


College Student

Curently a student a UW-Madison studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Also interested in learning more about the business world.

Aspiring Entrepreneur

Aspiring entrepreneur in the tech industry. Would also like to start a venture that focuses on solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues.

Sports Enthusiast

Love to watch and play any kind of sport. Used to play competitive basketball, soccer, and run track. Have competed in triathalons and would like to be compete in an Iron Man one day.

Music Aficionado

Through the help of YouTube I can now play some acoustic guitar. Love to play and listen to "oldies" like Bob Dylan and the Beetles. Other favorites to listen to are Chance the Rapper, Blink 182, and Billy Joel.

Directory Creator

Created an application that creates directories on specific user input for a major packaging cooporation Wisconsin. Developed in Java, the program ran a GUI that found existing directories or created one, to keep better distribution records.

User Lookup

Developed a user lookup for a company to search for it's employees contact information. The web application was written in HTML/CSS and used JavaScript to get the first and last name text field entries and query the Active Directory database in Windows Server using VBScript.

Guitar Trainer

Currently working on a raspberry pi project that trains you to play guitar in a more visual way. The pi parses the song that is played and highlights the guitar chords on programmable LEDs that lie underneath the strings.