1. Summer Intern – Tintri (May 2016—Sept 2016)

Project title: Active-Active

  • Conceptualized and prototyped Active-Active controller in Tintri's Filesystem


2. Research Intern – IIT, Bombay (Jan 2013—July 2013)

Project title: Feature Enhancement, Testing and Software Re-Architecturing of AutoPerf - a performance measurement tool

Mentor: Prof. Varsha Apte, Dept. of Computer Science, IIT-Bombay
Keywords: Queuing network models
  • AutoPerf is a load-generator that requires minimal input and configuration from the user, and produces a comprehensive capacity analysis as well as server-side resource usage profile of a Web-based distributed system, in an automated fashion.
  • Added features for enabling CPU frequency, dynamic information for number of cores.
  • Tested various existing features for its robustness and removed several critical bugs.
  • Re-architectured major part of server-side and client-side code.
  • Wrote various automation test scripts for starting load generator tool and gathering results.
  • Authored User - Manual and the Quick Start Guide.
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3. Intern - NetApp, Bangalore (June 2012—Dec 2012)

Project title: Fiber Channel Health Monitor

Mentor: Mr. Amarnath Jolad, Senior Engineer, NetApp Bangalore
  • Implement a Fiber Channel Health Monitor which is supposed to monitor the network components in a cluster majorly Switches.
  • Gained suficient insight on working of SNMP, OID and MIBs.


4. Research Intern – dplay technology ltd. (June 2011—July 2011)

Project title: Sunglass

Mentor: Kaustuv de Biswas - TED Fellow 2011.
Keywords: Massive Multiplayer Games
  • Researched on parallel/distributed computing and presented an architecture and set of technologies that could be used for hosting their processing intensive application.