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I am a 22 year old student born and brought up in the city of Mumbai (India). Currently, I am a graduate student pursuing a M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin Madison. My research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

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M.S. Computer Science
University of Wisconsin Madison 2016-2018
GPA - 4.0/4.0

B.Tech Computer Science with Honours
IIT Bombay 2012-2016
GPA - 9.49/10.00

My Resume can be found here


Image based CAPTCHA | Undergraduate Thesis, Prof. Ajit Rajwade [2015-2016]

  • Designed a new point tracking based image CAPTCHA using rigged 3D models

Diffusion MRI Reconstruction | Research Project, Prof. Suyash Awate [2015-2016]
  • Used dictionary learning and sparse coding techniques for efficient and accurate reconstruction

Smart Music Controller for Cars| Embedded Systems, Prof. Kavi Arya [Spring 2016]
  • Used speech/music discrimination techniques to automatically switch the radio channel
  • Automatic volume adjustment, the volume adjusts according to the amount of noise in the car

Video Stabilization | Computer Vision, Prof. Ajit Rajwade [Spring 2016]
  • Stabilization achieved by smoothing the sequence of affine transformations estimated using SIFT point matching

Stock Predictor | Machine Learning, Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan [Spring 2016]
  • Applied machine learning techniques to predict the direction of Apple stock price across the day, used techniques like SVMs and neural networks
  • Achieved a classification accuracy of 73% on the test set

Star Wars Animation | Computer Graphics, Prof. Parag Chaudhuri [Fall 2015]
  • Used hierarchical modelling to create 3D models of the famous droid pair of R2D2 and C3PO in OpenGL 4.0
  • Implemented camera movement along user specified Bezier curves and used keyboard control to generate keyframed animation

Compiler Implementation | Compilers, Prof. Amitabha Sanyal [Spring 2015]
  • Developed a compiler for a C like language using Flex and Bisonc++
  • Supported arithmetic operations, control statements, function calls and function overloading
  • Implemented optimizations like Sethi-Ullman algorithm, lazy evaluation and constant folding

Text to Speech Converter | Artificial Intelligence, Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya [Spring 2015]
  • Used Baum Welch algorithm for training the underlying HMM and the Viterbi algorithm for determining the most probable phoneme sequence
  • Identified the most frequent mismatch pairs through the confusion matrix

File System Implementation | Operating Systems, Prof. Dhananjay Dhamdhere [Spring 2015]
  • Developed a bytestream oriented file system with a disk cache for an experimental OS
  • Implemented an LRU like page replacement policy for the disk cache

Effect of Transport Layer Protocols on Games | Networks, Prof. Varsha Apte [Fall 2014]
  • Developed a multiplayer network game, an adaptation of the classical Bomber Diffuser game
  • Analyzed the differences observed between using TCP and UDP as the transport layer protocol

Analyzing the Performance of RAID-01 | Databases, Prof. Nandlal Sarda [Fall 2014]
  • Developed a simulation of RAID-01 and analyzed its performance under various read/write sequences
  • Analyzed the effect of taking a snapshot in parallel with sequential and random IO sequences

Hotel Booking Application | Databases, Prof. Nandlal Sarda [Fall 2014]
  • Implemented a three tier web application where customers could book/cancel rooms, avail discounts and give feedback, and the manager could get meaningful insights about the performance of the hotel
  • Implemented dynamic pricing, the pricing of the room depended on the time of booking, number of rooms available, duration of stay, seasonal trends, etc.

Toonification | Image Processing, Prof. Ajit Rajwade and Prof. Suyash Awate [Fall 2014]
  • Developed an application to cartoonify real life images using the staircase effect of the bilateral filter
  • Contrasted the results obtained with an alternative approach based on clustering in 5D space using mean shift

Professional Experience

Enhancements to Indian Address Validation System
Amazon Development Centre [Summer 2015]

  • Enhanced the address labelling algorithm to identify all the localities from an address, this resulted in a 12% increase in the validation rate
  • Implemented heuristic based result ranking which increased the user acceptance rate by 5.5%
  • Received a Pre Placement Offer after successful completion of the project

Web Tracking Extension for CiviCRM
Google Summer of Code [Summer 2015]
  • Integrated the web tracking features provided by Google Analytics with CiviCRM
  • Implemented Event tracking, A/B testing and E-Commerce tracking to reduce the number of user clicks, improve the conversion rate and identify the top revenue generating referral traffic sources

Order Management System
Edelweiss Capital [Summer 2014]
  • Designed and implemented a service to calculate the latency of the servers
  • Enhanced the service by parallelizing computation which significantly reduced the running time

Extracurricular Activities

Playing Table Tennis and Badminton:
Member of the National Sports Organization 2012-2013

Reading Novels:
I would strongly recommend Prisoner Of Birth by Jeffery Archer & The God Father by Mario Puzo

Listening to Music:
Favourite band - Maroon 5
Old Bollywood songs

Contact Information

643 East Johnson Street,
Apartment Number 11,
Madison - 53703,

Mobile Number +1 (608) 504-0090

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