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lephuonglien va doi loi tam su

Ki'nh anh AiViet.

With all respects, I would like to clarify some points.

1. My political view has nothing to do with PhuongLien's case and I am
strongly believe
that  EVERYONE'S political view also has nothing to do with this case

2. When I reveal my past identity, I think we, VNSA are  not based on
sides, or  parts of a country, but we are a  small group of Vietnams
which has a different  background  but try to get together to do
something useful for our unfortunate people

3. If you look at the subject, It read "ddo^i lo+`i ta^m su+."  I  know
that you fully
understand what "doi loi tam su" means.  You don't have to agree with
what I "ta^m su+."
Do you  ???

4.  I never declared or even implied that the South VN regime was free
of "to^.i lo^~i". 
Matter of fact, It committed plenty of "toi loi", therefore  I am here
instead of  Saigon.

5.  Who are we to judge the others ?   20, 50,or  100 years from now,
history will  verify who
was " lie^.t si~ anh hu`ng"   or  who  was " to^.i ddo^` cua? da^n


Lang Le

On Monday, anh AiViet wrote:

>Hi Anh Lang T Le,
>  I was thinking hard before I would like to say some words about your
>political exposure, that I find not relevant to your constructive and 
>noble attitude to Phuong Lien case.
>  If you know that others might have equally enough motivations not to like
>the regime and the title that you probably are proud of, you will see there
>is no use to claim any "like and dislike" here.
>  While I respect your backgrounds, as well as the noble generals of QLVNCH 
>like Nguyen Khoa Nam,..I feel the word "To^.i lo^~i" to whom you aimed at was
>unfairly used. Especially, after you declared your title, it is like to 
>declare the regime that title represents would be free of "To^.i lo^~i". 
>Those who are subjected to your adjective are not perfect, but are definitely
>less "To^.i lo^~i" than that regime and its leaders.
> Cheers
> Aiviet