Silly Pictures

Me and my honey at one of the many numerious weddings we have attended.

Halloween 1998, we are the A-Team, I am BA (on the right). By the way, those biceps are real. If you don't know who the A-team is, then I pity you, you fool.

Freshman year of college, Andy and I put on a show as the Blues Brothers.

Halloween 2001, we are Seinfeld. I thought this would be money, but it was largely received without much fanfare.

I love Halloween. I didn't think it was possible to top Mr. T and the A-Team, but the Stooges may have done it. For me it was great because I didn't have all that make-up. Once we got to State Street, we put on the show that lasted all night. I think I spent more time on the ground doing the Curly Shuffle than on my feet.

This is an interesting situation, I was just playing with the kitty, and I soon realized that this kitty has taken a liking to the soft, fleshly, human eye-ball. Props to Weez for this little party-pleaser.

I take life by the horns and ride it like a bull, as seen in this picture of me (and friends) on the Raging Bull, Great America. FYI - I'm the one in the yellow shirt doing a little something I like to call "the bull charge." Again, props must go to Weez.

This is the house I grew up in

This is my first car, the 1982 Chevette, va va va voom!!!

last updated 04 July 2008
by Thomas J. Weiss