Computer Sciences Dept.

Sharon Whiteman

Graduate Student
Picture of Sharon Whiteman
Research Interests:
Analytic modeling, network protocols and architectures, processor architectures

About Me:

I joined the POEMS and SWORD projects lead by Mary Vernon in January 2004. I just completed my second year as a graduate student at Wisconsin and received my Master's degree.

I earned my undergraduate degrees from Penn State. After five years, I graduated, with honors, with a BS in Computer Science, a BA in History, and a minor in Statistics. If you're interested, that's what 195 credits and five years get you at Penn State.

In the past, I've completed internships in the Global Agricultural Products Research Division of American Cyanamid (now owned by BASF) and Microsoft. At BASF, I worked in the Analytic Chemistry department doing UNIX administration and other programming. At Microsoft, I was a software tester in the HomeAdvisor group of MSN. I successfully tested a feature for HomeAdvisor and followed it through to deployment on the MSN web servers.

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