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Weilan Yang

About me:

Currently, I am a graduate student majoring in computer sciences (Dec. 2017 expected) and statistics (conferred in May 2016) at University of Wisconsin, Madison. I did my bachelor's degree at Renmin University of China, with a statistics major. Some of the fields I'm intersted in are: tree-based methods, graphical models and Bayesian statistics. My undergraduate thesis was on simulation study of BART (Bayesian Additive Regression Tree) on clinical trail data. Meanwhile, I am also interested in algorithms, computer vision, distributed systems and other CS things. I had a hard time deciding whether to move on to a PhD in stats or to switch gears to CS. While I believe stats and CS should go closer than now they do, it seems, more often than not, two groups of people think in quite different ways. I feel lucky that I've been exposed to the best of the two worlds, and I enjoy this intellectual diversity.

I always have a hard time explaining where I am from. Briefly, I was born in Chengdu, the home of pandas. Right afterwards, I moved to Tokyo with my family and then spent my 9-year childhood there (Yes, I am trilingual). After coming back to the home country at my age of 12, I spent another decade living in Beijing. Spoiled by the life in two major metropolitans in east Asia, now I'm barely surviving through another year in Madison, Wisconsin.