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September 2005

Brian James Nisbet Wylie

von Neumann Institute for Computing
ZAM, Forschungszentrum Jülich,
D-52425 Jülich, Germany
Tel: +49 (2461) 61-6589
Fax: +49 (2461) 61-6656

Home: +49 (2461) 986-358


Scottish male (single)
Born 1965, Falkirk, Scotland

Permanent Address:
9 Anderson Drive,
Carron, Falkirk, FK2 8DU, Scotland



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Research Scientist, Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ), Sep. 2004-date
  • developing the KOJAK program instrumentation, execution tracing & automated analysis toolkit;
  • evaluating state-of-the-art in program development tools for large-scale distributed systems;
  • investigating requirements for application development in and for emerging Grid environments.
  • Compiler Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SUNW), Sep. 2000-Jan. 2004
  • responsible for defining and enhancing the Sun Studio developer suite of compilers and tools, working with multiple engineering teams to improve application run-time execution performance and developing performance tools to help users tune their multi-language/multiprocess/multithreaded codes for distributed SPARC and x86-based computer systems, creating a new generation and major upgrades of the Performance Analyzer product;
  • enhanced product usability and capabilities for execution data collection and analysis, including redesign of Java/Swing/NetBeans GUI and augmenting automated product test suite;
  • researched and developed novel technologies exploiting microprocessors' performance counters to profile program & machine memory/data accesses and complement traditional code profiling;
  • devised and performed customer product demonstrations and technical briefings at conferences;
  • prepared tools' technical documentation and training materials, and provided coaching and assistance regarding productive use of developer tools;
  • supported external customers and internal users, analysing application performance and tools usability issues and identifying/developing remedies;
  • maintained software development codebase/build and systems, and coordinated integration with other product components (compiler, debugger, IDE);
  • engaged Solaris, Java and other external groups to diagnose & resolve system deficiencies;
  • represented tools needs to processor & system design/development teams.
  • Associate Researcher, University of Wisconsin - Madison (UWM), Sep. 1997-Aug. 2000
  • developed the cutting-edge Paradyn performance tools for parallel/distributed programs;
  • researched improved dynamic instrumentation (dyninst) technologies:
    better thoroughness, applicability, flexibility, reliability; faster effectiveness, execution; cheaper overheads;
  • maintained, supported and disseminated Paradyn Project software and research;
  • contributed to international APART working group on Automated Performance Analysis;
  • liaised with industrial, government and academic partners and clients.
  • Research Scientist, Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS), Aug. 1993-Aug. 1997
  • applied advanced software technologies to the design and development of integrated solutions for NEC Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., and industrial and academic partners;
  • coordinated group activities (up to 6 staff and 3 students), designing and developing the Annai integrated tool environment for large-scale HPF & MPI application engineering on parallel distributed systems, with particular responsibility for the PMA performance monitor and analyzer, instrumentation and analysis displays;
  • taught & advised students in CSCS student internship programme;
  • initiated collaboration with local high-schools (licei) to develop a curriculum in informatics and computational science.
  • Applications Scientist, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC), Nov. 1990-Jul. 1993
  • designed & implementated the seminal PARAMICS parallel microscopic simulator for real-time traffic congestion formation studies in large geographic areas using C*/CM-200 ;
  • consulted on strategies for addressing future computational needs of weather forecasting and climate simulations, including CM-200/CM-Fortran prototype implementation,
  • executed contract evaluation "Benchmarking Parallel Computers,"
  • teached & advised students in annual EPCC student internship programme.
  • Part-time assistant for Edinburgh Concurrent Supercomputer Project, and the University of Edinburgh Departments of Physics and Computer Science, 1987-1990
  • assisted & teached users parallel & distributed programming,
  • maintained ECSP "club domain" & contributed software.
  • Education

    Ph.D. in Computational Physics, University of Edinburgh Department of Physics, Sep. 1986-Oct. 1990
  • Thesis investigated lattice-gas models as fundamental tools for computational fluid dynamics, flow visualisation, and exploitation of distributed-memory parallel computers.
  • B.Sc. (2:1 Honours) in Physics & Natural Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, Oct. 1982-May 1986
  • Class merit awards in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science & Chemistry.
  • SCE `O' & `H' certification, Larbert High School, Falkirk, Aug. 1977-Jun. 1982.
  • Dux medallist for top student.
  • Computer Skills

    C++, C, Fortran, Java, occam, Pascal, Imp80, PostScript, Unix shells, perl, BASIC;
    C*, CM-Fortran, DAP-Fortran, High-Performance Fortran (HPF).
    a range of experimental and commercial Sun computer systems (up to 144 PE nodes);
    IBM p690 (32 PE nodes); SGI Origin (32 PEs); IBM SP-2 (16 PEs); NEC Cenju-3 (128 PEs) & Cenju-2 (16 PEs);
    Cray T3D (256 PEs); Thinking Machines Connection Machine CM-200 (16k+ PEs);
    Meiko Computing Surfaces (400 PEs); ICL & AMT Distributed Array Processors (4k PEs);
    workstations & clusters running Solaris, GNU/Linux, AIX, Irix, Tru64Unix, WindowsNT;
    various mainframes; VAX/VMS; PCs.
    Unix shells & utilities, perl, make, CVS, RCS, SCCS, µEmacs;
    X-Designer, XRT graph/3d/table widgets, Tcl/Tk, X11, Motif;
    StarOffice, LaTeX, BibTeX, FrameMaker, PowerPoint; idraw, IslandDraw, ACE/gr, PBMplus, xv;
    OpenMP, MPI, PVM, Prism, FORGE, VAST-90, ParaGraph, CodeCenter, Purify, Insure++.

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