A database search engine to query against Green Crab neuropeptidome database.
Work flow of database construction is shown as below:


To run GreenNP, one needs to specify the location of GreenNP database first. Next two tables including MS (peptides from MS/MS experiment) and tanscriptomics (in silico prediction) are available to be selected.
The search criteria are sequence, family(name), mass, PTM, FTMS, QTOF, Brain, PO, TG, SG,STG. There are two searching methods: exact match ("is exactly") and likihood match ("like").
The input can be refered to GreenNPDB database.


Output window will show search results as database records.

Download GreenNP

Download GreenNP: rar file, zip file.
Download GreenNPDB: the database of Green Crab neuropeptidome from here.
Please readme before run GreenNP.
Last modified: May 23, 2011