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The 9th International SSDBM Conference will bring together database researchers, practitioners, and developers, as well as domain scientists from multiple scientific disciplines to explore new concepts, tools, and techniques for scientific and statistical database applications. It will provide a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation, and evaluation. The conference will feature keynote talks, panel sessions, and demonstrations of research prototypes and industrial systems. It will continue the tradition of past SSDBM meetings in providing a stimulating environment to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas in a quiet setting.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

          Scientific DBs             Statistical DBs
          System Architectures       System Architectures
          Data/Process Models        Data Models
          User Interfaces            User Interfaces
          Data Visualization         Data Visualization
          Query Processing           Query Processing
          Data Compression           Data Compression
          Tertiary Storage           Tertiary Storage
          Data Mining                Data Mining
          Metadata Management        Metadata Management
          Uncertainty Management     Knowledge-based Methods
          Collaborative Work         Data Cube Operations
          Data Integration           View Materialization
          Multi-media Data
          Temporal/Spatial Data
          Experiment Management

Of particular interest are results that address issues arising in pro- viding database support to specific scientific disciplines or statist- ical application areas, such as those below:

	Scientific Disciplines       Statistical Application Areas
	Biological Sciences          Biostatistics
	Chemistry                    Census Databases
	Earth and Space Sciences     Decision Support
	Engineering                  Economics and Finance
	Geography                    Enterprise Analysis
	Medicine                     Environmental Epidemiology
	Physics                      On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
	                             Social Sciences

To increase the synergy between database researchers and domain scientists, SSDBM-97 invites two separate types of papers.

  1. RESEARCH PAPERS, which describe recent important advances in statistical and/or scientific databases. Theoretical papers in this category should include a solid motivation for why the specific results are important to domain scientists and how they are going to influence the development of statistical or scientific database systems. Systems papers in this category should describe either complete working systems that are being tested by domain scientists or specialized techniques that can significantly enhance the power of actual statistical or scientific database systems.
  2. EXPERIENCE/CHALLENGE PAPERS, which describe actual prototype or product implementations, pose problems that current technology cannot handle well, or identify important industrial trends that could affect the future research directions in the field. Papers in this category should be based on real-life experiences and should clearly place their contribution in the context of the current state of the art and relevant literature.

Submitted papers should be clearly marked on the front page by the appropriate category for which they are intended. The Program Committee may, at its discretion, switch papers that are deemed more appropriate for the other category.

In addition to papers, SSDBM-97 invites proposals for panels, as well as prototypes for demonstration at the conference.

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Yannis Ioannidis
Wed Jul 17 17:05:15 CDT 1996