Machine Learning

CS760, Fall 2017
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Problem Sets

There will be 5 problem sets during the semester. Problem sets will consist of both written exercises and programming problems. Solutions should be submitted on Canvas.

Final Exam Examples

Exams format: closed book, an A4 cheat sheet allowed. Note that the example exams below contain problems about contents that are NOT covered in this course. Such problems will NOT appear in our final exam.

Final Project Topic Examples

Students form groups of size 3-5, and submit their project proposal on Canvas before the proposal deadline (See the schedule webpage for the deadline). The project proposal should include names of the students in the group, the research topic, a brief description of existing approaches, and tentative timeline for the project.

Grading policy can be found on the about webpage. In particular, grading will NOT take into account the number of students in the group and depend only on the final outcome of the project. The same grade will be given to the members in the group.

Students whose names not in any submitted proposals will by default be considered as choosing the final exam.

Here are some examples of research topics.