Zezhou Huang

You can also call me Zachary

Research interests:

My research interests include two parts: data and distributed systems. I'm interested in anything related to data: from the basic data extraction and storage to database systems, data cleaning, data integration, data mining and machine learning. I'm also interested in distributed systems and cloud computing because I believe they are the future of the storage and processing of large-scale data.


Huang, Z., Chen, R., Xu, D., & Zhou, W. (2017). Spatial and hedonic analysis of housing prices in Shanghai. Habitat International, 67, 69-78. Available: PDF


Managed Storage Hierarchy in WiscKey

Combine the performance advantages of LevelDB by storing the frequently range queried data into LSM tree directly

Available: GitHub

Python Based Labeler

Build a Python based GUI for manual labeling of candidate pairs

Available: GitHub

Micro Cloud Labeler

Build a cloud-based tool which can be deployed in a remote web server

Available: GitHub, AWS (no longer available, run out of my free tier sorry)