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About this site

About this site

Why Sphinx

Reasons that why I choose Sphinx to implement my personal website are the following:

  • extremely organizable toolset that allows me to document the projects easily and efficiently.
  • a great learning tool for me to transit into Django Web framework.
  • Use Python to manage the whole website!


This is a collection of features or bugs about this website that I need to implement or fix someday in the future.

  • change the project list page to make some subtitle.

  • indicate the progress of each project (done or under development) at the end of each title: ie. Myproject (done) or Myproject2 (under development)

  • customize the pygments code highlighting color.

    This is one coloring example I really like

  • add the exception highlighting into ipython_highlighting extension.

  • customize more about navbar to make it more “fashion”

  • add python gallery like matplotlib, present all the graph I have done so far via python.

  • build IDLE style for pygments

  • fix the weird display of the heading “regular expression” in projects > study notes > dive into python study notes > general python programming > regular expression

  • figure out how to add metadata (i.e. keywords, author, description) into the HTML pages.