Aaron Wegner
3401 Collins Avenue Apartment 507
Miami, FL 33140


A full time position in the Miami area in software development or digital design.
A focus on operating systems, embedded systems, or electronic flight instruments.


Software Engineer, June 2002 - August 2004, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Astronautics Corporation of America
* Software design intended for DO-178B Level D and Level C certification for the Electronic Flight Bag/Pilot Information Display.
* Experience with the Linux kernel, low level C libraries, the Mesa graphics library, the OpenGL API, ARINC 429, SDK design, and system troubleshooting.
* Installation and setup of Linux distributions for desktop computers.

Co-op, January 2000 - August 2000, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Compaq Computer Corporation, Alpha CAD & Test
* Aided test engineers in coverage analysis and focus testing of the Alpha 21364.
* Wrote utilities in C++ and Java that culled information from and modified HDL code.


University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Computer Option
B.S. Computer Science
GPA: 3.243


Digital Engineering Laboratory - ECE 554
* Xilinx Vertex FPGA implementation of cache memory system for two-way issue processor.
* Successful board testing of data cache, instruction cache, and SRAM controller at 26 MHz.

Operating Systems - CS 537
* Implementation of FAT file system capable of create, open, read, write, seek, close, delete.
* Thread synchronization, deadlock prevention, scheduling algorithms, starvation avoidance.

VLSI Systems Design - ECE 755
* Logic, transistor, and layout level designs of CDMA cellular telephone network.


C, C++, Java, VHDL, Verilog
VLSI Design, FPGA Design, Computer Architecture
Linux, UNIX, Windows


Strong independent worker, good team worker, positive person.
Ability to speak some Spanish and Italian.