Some interesting facts about my family!

This webpage is dedicated to the amusment of my family, but if you have nothing better to do feel free to take a look!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Mandy, This is my first year here at the UW but I should graduate in two years with my masters in physics and genetic engineering. My brother is used for experiments due to the fact that his IQ has made him a scientific wonder. My mother graduated from Harvard and is now a member of the senate. She went on to marry my stepfather, Jim, who is friend and advisor to Bill Gates. Aside from that, I can run a mile in 3.6 minutes, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and I recently climbed Mount Everest.

Okay, that is all untrue, we're just your ordinary family.

Let me start by introducing the nice folks we'll be learning about today.
  1. MARY, my mother
  2. MIKE, my brother
  3. JIM, my step-father
  4. our pets

This is me watching the butterflyThis is me watching the butterfly

We'll start with my mom.

My mom is taking a trip to Cancun this spring, and since she is looking for some web pages about the trip, I'll make it easier. Here you go mom.

Click Here! or Click Here!

Hope this helps!

This is the hotel you will be staying at!

This image is from

Another thing I want to mention about my mom is that she makes the best bread dumplings in the world. If you don't know what bread dumplings are you are really missing out. It is a German food made with bread, flower, and egg. They are great!

Thanks for all the great food mom

Now we can move on to Mike!

Mike is a pretty interesting guy. Instead of scientific wonder, I should have said credit wonder. His monetary accounts are plunging faster than a mad plumber. His philosophy is that as long as he has checks left in his checkbook, there is still money in the bank. Oh well, I guess a lot can be said for living it up. Anyway, Mikes a great guy and a great brother, but just in case you need somewhere to turn later on mike, take a look at these web pages.

Click here to learn some bankruptcy alternatives

Click here to learn about filing for bankruptcy


I'm going to let you in on a little secret about Jim. It's embarassing but true that Jim prefers Dominos thin crust Pizza over Pizza Hut deep dish. I've tried to reason with him about his problem, but maybe this site will help.

Here it isJim, here's the site for the best pizza on earth.

This image is from

Another fact about Jim is that he loves to golf, especially in Arizona. In case you need a new place to golf next time you are in Arizona, here are some sites that you might like.

This one is right in Scottsdale

This site is for golfing in Central Arizona

Not to leave anyone out...

Name Breed AGE
Ginger Springer Spaniel nine years
Fred Toothless grey eight years
Onion Dwarf nine weeks

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