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🎓 I am a passionate software engineer who recently graduated with an MSc in Computer Science from UW-Madison. During my time there, I delved deeper into Systems and Machine Learning, and honed my engineering skills, gaining hands-on experience with technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, NoSQL, DevOps, MLOps and CICD.
🔬 My passion for applying ML to real-world problems led me to intern as a Research Scientist at Amazon - Prime Video. There, I utilized my expertise in networking and Machine Learning to enhance the reliability of video playback, contributing to the seamless streaming experience enjoyed by millions.
🌐 Prior to joining UW-Madison, I earned a BSc in Computer Science from CMU, where I developed a solid foundation in computer systems and algorithms. It was at CMU where I was first introduced to ML, excelling in PhD level courses that fueled my curiosity and passion for the field.
🔧 My professional journey took me to Qatar Computing Research Institute, where I worked in the data analytics team. Combining my expertise in ML and distributed systems, I published multiple papers in knowledge graphs and natural language processing.
📚 As I continue to explore Machine Learning and Systems, I am driven by the opportunity to build complex reliable systems that drive positive change through technology. Join me on this exciting journey of innovation and discovery!

Projects I am proud of


An open source python framework for efficient and scalable processing of knowledge graphs. It is integrated in the Python PyData software stack. RDFframes processes and exports datasets 2x faster than the state-of-the-art alternative. Published in VLDBJ 2022, Demo Published in VLDB 2020.

Music Transcription App

Worked in an Agile and Scrum Team to build a mobile app that records hums of tunes, performs signal processing to convert it into a sequence of notes in MIDI representaion. The app stores recordings and sequences of notes in a MySQL database, offers audio playback, and displays notes in MIDI format.

Networking - CDN

Augmented an HTTP proxy by adaptive bitrate selection using throughput estimation to stream the highest quality encoding possible. Implemented DNS load balancing using round‐robin and geographic distance to spread the load of serving videos among multiple servers.

Networking - BitTorrent

Developed a Peer2Peer BitTorrent‐like file transfer application that enables simultaneous upload and download of chunks of files. Implemented Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Re‐transmit and Fast Recovery mechanisms on top of UDP to ensure fair, reliable, and efficient network utilization.

Distributed Systems - DFS and Access Kit

Built a Distributed Remote File Storage System. Used RMI-invocation for communication between entities. Implemented coarse-grained locks to synchronize access to the file and avoid deadlocks. Improved access time by intelligent replication of files.

Distributed Systems - Kmeans on MapReduce and MPI

Implemented parallel K‐means using MPI and HadoopMapReduce, then compared their performance. - Conducted a scalability study on the MapReduce implementation analyzing the impact of the number of map slots, HDFS block size and the number of machines on performance.

Main Publications

Rdfframes: Knowledge Graph Access for Machine Learning Tools

Aisha Mohamed, Ghadeer Abuoda, Abdurrahman Ghanem, Zoi Kaoudi, Ashraf Aboulnaga
The VLDB Journal 2022, Demo published in VLDB 2020.
[PDF] [video] [Demo PDF] [Code].

Popularity Agnostic Evaluation of Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Aisha Mohamed, Shameem Parambath, Zoi Kaoudi, Ashraf Aboulnaga
UAI 2020.
[PDF] [video]

A full list of my publications can be found in my Google Scholar profile

  • 🎓 One of four CS master’s graduates at UW-Madison highlighted in this article
  • 🎓 Graduated with an MSc in Computer Science from UW-Madison, Spring 2024
  • 👨‍🏫 TA for CS400 (Advanced data structures and Linux tools), UW-Madison, Spring 2024
  • 👨‍🏫 TA for CS300 (Programming II in Java), UW-Madison, Spring 2021 - Spring 2023
  • 💼 Summer Internship as an Applied Scientist at Amazon, Summer 2022
  • 📄 My Rdfframes paper accepted at VLDB Journal 2022
  • 📄 My paper accepted at UAI 2020
  • 📄 My demo paper accepted at VLDB 2020
  • 🏆 Received Best Scientific Content award ‐ NewInML, NeurIPS 2019
  • 🎓 Graduated with a B.S. in CS from CMU with college honors, university honors and Andrew Carnegie Scholar honor, Spring 2018

My Learning Journey

"No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that's the exciting part."
- Tiger Woods

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