Amos Ron's Research Interests

Amos Ron's Research Interests

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Approximation to scattered data, using translates of one basis function such as the Gaussian kernel, the thin plate spline, or the multiquadric.

Multivariate polynomial interpolation; specifically, the least solution for that problem.

Wavelet systems and Gabor systems: primarily fiberization techniques for such sets (useful for the study of the Riesz basis property, and the frame property of such systems).

Shift-invariant spaces. These are spaces of functions that are invariant under integer translations. I am interested in several topics in this area including the approximation orders and approximation schemes from such spaces, and shift-invariant bases for such spaces. More specific topics here include box splines , and refinable spaces (that are used for wavelet constructions).

Dimension formulae for joint kernels of commuting linear operators. This is a topic that started at box spline theory, and has connections to ideal theory and matroids.