Anand Krish
I am Anand Krishnamurthy, a second year graduate student in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. I research on Software Defined Networking and I am part of the Wisconsin Institute on Software-Defined Data Centers (WISDOM) group. My advisor is Prof. Aditya Akella.


Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Interned at ENG-SDN Campus Controller team at Cisco during Summer 2013 and worked for Cisco Enterprise Network Controller.

  • Worked for Kindle Development Kit(KDK) team from June 2010 to July 2012. Part of 8 member team which developed and maintains the KDK Developer Portal .

  • Part of 5 member team which developed the Kindle Simulator for Kindle Device. (Device link in Amazon Store). This simulator is used by developers to build and test their active contents in their desktops, before submitting them to the developer portal.

  • Part of 4 member team which developed ‘Test As A Service’ for profiling the kindle active contents.

  • Part of 3 member team which developed ‘DionyMap’, an event and journal management and recommendation system incorporating Google Maps, Gmail accounts built on top of Google app engine. This was given an honourable mention in the Google University Programming Competition 2012.

  • Part of 3 member team which won 2nd place for project ‘Talkative House’ an industry defined problem in Shaastra’08 at IIT Madras. My contribution involved implementing communication between the master & slave phones and the microcontroller, Implementation of Burglar alarm (automatically phone the police and tell the address), Fire alarm (automatically phone the fire station), reading and sending E-mails, starting and stopping computer downloads, getting weather reports, dictionary using The project was also selected for final round of PSOC Innovator Design Challenge 2008 by Cypress Semiconductors India and it won 1st place in Kurukshetra 2009 and declared as the K-Proj.

  • Developed an ‘Index Based Desktop Search Engine’ which could index file system based on file name and contents of supported documents and rank them using relevancy and frequency.

  • Part of 4 member team which won 1st place for the project ‘Traffic Monitoring System’ in Techshow ’08 under hardware category. My work involved computing optimized routes for all places from the current traffic intensities and also mobile client-server communication to get optimized routes.

  • Proficient in Programming C, C++, Java, Perl.

  • Database Technologies: Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.

  • Web Development: HTML, Java Script, JSP, Mason.

  • Game Development: Microsoft XNA (2D).

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) PL/SQL Programmer
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)