The Cimple Project on Community Information Management

         Building a software platform that can be rapidly deployed to manage data-rich online communities

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The CIM Problem: The Web is teeming with communities, each focusing on a specific set of topics. Examples include those of movie goers, football fans, database researchers, and bioinformatists. Community members often want to aggregate community data, then query, monitor, and discover certain information. For example, database researchers might be interested in questions such as "is there any interesting connection between researchers X and Y (or topic U and V)?", "in which course is a paper P cited?", and "what is new in the past 24 hours in the database community?". As Web communities proliferate, the problem of developing effective solutions to support their information needs is becoming increasingly important. We call this problem community information management, or CIM for short.

The Cimple Project: Cimple is a joint project between the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison and Yahoo! Research. It develops a software platform that can be rapidly deployed and customized to manage data-rich online communities. This software platform can be valuable for communities in a broad range of domains, ranging from scientific data management, government agencies, and enterprise intranets, to those on the World-Wide Web.

"Cimple" thus is shorthand for "Community Information Management Platform". It consists of four thrusts:

DBLife - A Prototype System: To drive and validate Cimple, we are building DBLife, a prototype system that manages information for the database research community. . Eventually we may want to build more prototypes for research communities, such as AILife and IRLife, as well as non-research ones, such as those for the legal community and the community of movie goers.

Why This Project?: What is new, and how does it relate to databases, Web, AI, IR, data integration, and text management?

Acknowledgments: This project is funded by CAREER award IIS-0347903, a gift grant from Yahoo! Research, an IBM Faculty Award, and a Sloan Fellowship.





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