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  September 5, 2001
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Edw. C. Levy Co.
Each year Edw. C. Levy processes more than 10 million tons of slag, the impurity that forms on the surface of molten metal. The slag comes from both blast and steel furnaces and is processed into aggregates used by the construction industry. Edw. C. Levy also has asphalt paving and production and ready-mix concrete businesses, and it operates sand, gravel, granite, and limestone quarries in Arizona and Colorado. The company has trucking facilities in Colorado, Indiana, and Michigan; steel mill service operations in Australia and Thailand; and a metal-recovery subsidiary in Australia. Edw. C. Levy, founded in 1918, is still controlled by the Levy family. The founder's son, Edward C. Levy Jr., is the president.

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Fiscal Year-End: December
1999 Sales (mil.): 350.00
1-Yr. Sales Growth: 0.0%
Employees: 3,000
Revenue per employee: $116,666.67

• Edward C. Levy
• Robert Fluker

8800 Dix Ave.
Detroit, MI 48209
Phone: 313-843-7200
Fax: 313-849-9447
Online: Web Site

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