Ashutosh Singh


4475 Crocus Dr 
San Jose, Ca 95136 
Tel: (408)-431-7746, (408)-445-2904


Seeking a senior engineer role in the area of Information Management and Information Integration


Work Status

Citizen United States

12+ years of experience in the area of Information Management and Integration.


Employment History

·          Principal Software Engineer Informatica Corporation (Apr 2009 to current)

·          Advisory Software Engineer IBM Almaden Research Center (Jan 1999 to Mar 2009)

·          Software Engineer NCR Labs (Jan 1998 to Dec 1998)


Educational Qualifications

·          MS University of Wisconsin – Madison 1998

·          B. Tech IIT Kharagpur India 1995


Technical Qualifications

·          Languages C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, x86 assembly.

·          Compilers : Visual C++, Borland C++, Visual J++, IBM Visual Age Java, g++, gcc.

·          Systems/Platforms :Amazon EC2/S3, Hadoop, HDFS, HBASE, Websphere, Cognos, IBM Data Warehouse Edition, DB2 LUW, Linux, Xen, VMWare, Sun Solaris/SunOS, HP--UX , DEC OSF/1, SGI IRIX6.4, Cray Unicos, Windows.


Selected Projects

·          Memory Management in the Informatica Platform (Aug 2009 – Current) Design and implement the memory manager for the Informatica platform to alleviate the excessive lock contention due to system memory allocation and de-allocation calls, limiting scalability in a multi-threaded environment. Collecting memory at the end of each unit of work also reduced memory leaks, which improved the platform uptime from 1 day to 30 days.


·          System Memory Allocation Algorithm (Aug 2009 – Current) Evaluate various memory allocation algorithms and memory chunk size to suit the demands of the data integration workload, which happens to be very dynamic and has different size allocations.  Choosing too small of memory allocation chunks will cause excessive locking overhead and reduce scalability whereas larger allocation chunk size will cause memory fragmentation.


·          SaaS Analytics, IBM Research (Jun 2008 - Current) Designed and implemented the prototype for next-gen Business Intelligence Platform using Software as a Service Model on the cloud infrastructure like Amazon EC2/S3. BI data servers used were IBM Data Warehousing Engine (DWE) and Cognos on Amazon Machine Images, to evaluate issues like multi-tenancy, scale out, ease of management and deployment in that environment.


·          Speedy Point in Time (PIT) Recovery in Databases, IBM Research (Jan 2008 – Current) Working on a prototype of a smart storage controller that is more aware of database objects and their physical layout on devices to eliminate redundant backup images used for PIT recovery.


·          IBM Infosphere Mashuphub, IBM Research (Jan 2006 – May 2008) Designed and Implemented a server side mashup platform to do light-weight Extract Transform and Publish (ETP) using Web 2.0 technologies. This platform was released as a Product called IBM Infosphere mashuphub in 2nd quarter of 2008.


·          DB2 XML, IBM Research (Dec 2003 – Dec 2005) Designed and implemented and performance tested the XQuery and XML navigations in DB2 engine. I was the component owner for code generation and XML Navigation components in DB2 XML.


·          Query Sampling in DB2, IBM Research (Dec 2001 – Nov 2003) Designed implemented and patented the query sampling in DB2 engine. I modified the DB2 kernel execution model for symmetric multi processor (SMP/Intra Query) parallelism for sampling to be repeatable. I also worked with the standards to get TABLESAMPLE clause included in SQL 92 standards.


·          Optimizer hints in DB2, IBM Research (Dec 2001 – Nov 2003) Designed and implemented a prototype to provide query hints to the optimizer in DB2.


·          Online aggregation and continuous query, IBM Research (Jan 1999 – Nov 2001) Designed and implemented a prototype in DB2 to perform online aggregation to provide approximate answers to business intelligence queries by computing running estimates and confidence intervals from sampled data.


·          Subquery execution infrastructure, NCR ­Madison (May 1998 -- Dec 1998) Designed and implemented the execution model of correlated, nested subquery which will facilitate efficient execution of triggers on active data in Terradata Object Relational Store.



·          Efficient sampling of a relational database (US Patent 6993516)

·          Method and apparatus for using Java as a stored procedure language and as an embedded language on a client (US Patent 6477540 )

·          Method for monitoring dependent metric streams for anomalies  (Filed)

·          Method and System for Integrating Information from Data Feeds  (Filed)

·          Nested Navigations for XPath/XQuery Evaluation (Filed).



·          Andrey Balmin, Fatma Ozcan, Ashutosh Singh, Edison Ting: Grouping and Optimization of XPath Expressions in System RX. ICDE Conference 2008: 1507-1509

·          David E. Simmen, Mehmet Altinel, Volker Markl, Sriram Padmanabhan, Ashutosh Singh: Damia: data mashups for intranet applications. SIGMOD Conference 2008: 1171-1182 

·          Andrey Balmin, Fatma Özcan, Ashutosh Singh, Edison Ting: Grouping and optimization of XPath expressions in DB2 pureXML. SIGMOD Conference 2008: 1065-1074

·          Mehmet Altinel, Paul Brown, Susan Cline, Rajesh Kartha, Eric Louie, Volker Markl, Louis Mau, Yip-Hing Ng, David E. Simmen, Ashutosh Singh: DAMIA - A Data Mashup Fabric for Intranet Applications. VLDB Conference 2007: 1370-1373

·          Kevin S. Beyer, Roberta Cochrane, M. Hvizdos, Vanja Josifovski, Jim Kleewein, George Lapis, Guy M. Lohman, Robert Lyle, Matthias Nicola, Fatma Özcan, Hamid Pirahesh, Norman Seemann, Ashutosh Singh, Tuong C. Truong, Robbert C. Van der Linden, Brian Vickery, Chun Zhang, Guogen Zhang: DB2 goes hybrid: Integrating native XML and XQuery with relational data and SQL. IBM Systems Journal 45(2): 271-298 (2006)



·          Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for IBM Infosphere Mashuphub

·          Research Division Award for XQuery and XML Navigation technologies in DB2

·          Research Division Award for Query Sampling in DB2

·          First Plateau Invention Achievement Award

·          5 patent application awards at IBM

·          1 patent application award at NCR Labs Madison



Available on request