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The Flat

37 Hyde Park Gate.jpg (21209 bytes) Hallway of flat 1.jpg (11952 bytes)My Bedroom room E.jpg (21002 bytes)This is Our Flat, hallway, and my room. I lived on the first floor. Madison Had the first 3 floors.

View of Kensington Gardens from apartment.jpg (37471 bytes) This is the view of Kensington Park seen from just outside our flat.


Pictures of the People of Flat 1

Aaron,Adam B, Emily, James, Lauren, Marissa and Tim.jpg (36041 bytes)Lauren and Paula bw.jpg (17127 bytes)Adam B and Dan.jpeg (25743 bytes)lauren and tim.jpg (25248 bytes)Max, Dan, Adam B, John BW.jpeg (27196 bytes)Emily, Lauren and I.jpg (29021 bytes) The Gang hanging out in flat one.


The Underground (Tube)

Underground signs.jpg (24601 bytes)In Gloucester Road Tube.jpeg (27100 bytes)Arwin, Katie and Marissa on the tube.jpg (37663 bytes)Mouse in the Tube.jpg (22359 bytes) The Underground was a stable of our travel throughout London.


Out and About in London

Brook and I in front of Westminster.jpg (20769 bytes) Brook and I in front of Westminster.

James, Katie, Tim O., and Alex by St. Paul's cathedral.jpg (25751 bytes) James, Katie, Tim O., and Alex by St. Paul's Cathedral

Paula, Emily, Katie, and Arwen In front of the British Museum.jpg (15935 bytes)Lauren and I at the British Museum.jpg (37491 bytes) The British Museum. Picture 1: Paula, Emily, Katie and Arwen. Picture 2: Lauren and I

Katie, Alex and I by Trafalger Sq..jpg (10785 bytes)Tim O., Alex and I by Trafalger Sq..jpg (9187 bytes) London at night. Picture 1: Katie, Alex and I. Picture 2: Tim O., Alex and I.

Theater Tour with Lindsay, Alex, Aric, Marissa, Lauren and I.jpg (28719 bytes) In front of the Cochrane Theater. Lindsay, Alex, Aric, Marissa, Lauren, and Myself.

Welcome party Tim Marissa, Lauren, Lindsay, Adam C., Emily, Cindy, Courtney, Paula, Aaron .jpg (26883 bytes) Welcome party.


Day Trip from Dover to Calais, France

Erica and Dan.jpg (30511 bytes)John, Erica and I in Calais.jpg (40607 bytes) Dan, John, Erica and I went to Calais for the Day.


Out at the Student Union

Erica, John and I.jpg (19301 bytes)B-day song for paula.jpg (28058 bytes) The Imperial Collage Union was good spot for a cheep pint, or Thursday Karaoke.


Harrods Department Store

Harrod's Escalator.jpg (48551 bytes)Tim at Harrods.jpg (23168 bytes) The ceiling of the Egyptian Escalator. And Me in front of Harrods.


Changing of the Guard by Buckingham Palace

Britsh Gaurds BW.jpeg (36270 bytes)Guards at St. James Place in January.jpg (36003 bytes)The Guard Marching.jpg (40392 bytes) The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. (St. James Palace is pictured).

Marissa, Emily, Aaron and Alex at Buckingham Palace.jpg (29382 bytes)James, Alex and I by Buckingham Palace.jpg (16972 bytes)Marissa, Emily, Arwen and James by Buckingham Palace.jpg (23471 bytes) Picture 1: Marissa, Emily, Aaron and Alex. Picture 2: James, Alex and I (Flat 1E Roommates). Picture 3: Marissa, Emily, Arwen and James.


Some sights of London

Prince Albert Memorial 1.jpg (10769 bytes)Peter Pan memorial.jpg (28707 bytes)Tower of London.jpg (19051 bytes) LtoR: Prince Albert Memorial, Peter Pan statue, Tower of London.

Victoria Monument with Paula, Lauren and I.jpg (14889 bytes)Westminster Abbey.jpg (22774 bytes)St. Paul's Cathedral.jpg (15660 bytes) LtoR: Queen Victoria Statue at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's.

WWI memorial london BW.jpeg (19546 bytes)Canals of London.jpeg (31819 bytes)Portabella Road.jpg (32834 bytes) LtoR: WWI memorial, Canals of London, Portabella Rd.

Tower Bridge.jpg (24306 bytes)Panoramic of House of Parliament.jpg (20817 bytes)London Eye and the Thames.jpg (23866 bytes)Kensington Palace.jpg (17504 bytes) LtoR: Tower Bridge, Westminster, London Eye, Kensington Palace.

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