Timothy Bahls

This is my old grad school site. My grad school days are well behind me know, but the Computer Science department of the UW-Madison has left it up, for which I am very grateful.

This is a list of assorted dev projects, nearly all recreational Java stuff, mostly from an era when I didn't have kids running around. Note that none of the Java applets are signed or anything, so your browser will whine about security. You can tell my applications are safe by the extraordinary ugliness of this site--if I was hacking your computer for profit I'd spend enough time figuring out color theory to not have this lame blue-gray.

Amazing Games

CleanBot7: An excellent top down robot adventure game.

Squash Pit: Blob fighting. Play this.

Bellipax: An excellent Java Realtime Strategy Game

Finished Games

Yikes in Yellowstone: A platform jumping game.

RPS RTS: Rock Paper Scissors Real Time Strategy.

Nick's Catcher Game: Green square good; Red square bad.

Tricky card Game: A card game based on an Intro to Comp Sci program.

Fire Balls: Keep them hot potatoes in the air.

Chase: No shame in running.

Manacala: AI so mean it can trash you three times in one go.

Space Death 2: A space invaders game I made after my Intro to computer science course, which I continued to improve over the summer.

Frogger: Based on that old school game--not much fun.

Game Books: Choose Your Own Adventure books by my students.

Partial Games

Zipper:A spinning rainbow-beam-shooting ball.

Brick Smack: Bouncing red block destroys blue blocks.

Space Game: Design and purchase your own ships and command them in battle against your enemy.

Pushing puzzle: Can you solve these three ill-documented puzzles?

Tunnel: Dodge shapes in two directions.

SpaceBalls: Want to learn Java game programming? Try here--a well documented java program.


Misty forest: Stochastic tree fractals in the mist....

Rainbow Paint 2: A drawing program made for my sister. Over twice as cool as Rainbow Paint.

Logic Gates: The building blocks of computers.

The Mandelbrot set: The fractal so beautiful and complex it makes you cry. Now with excellent colors.

Sort Animations: can you ever get enough?

Fireworks: Cool Java explosions.

Cellular Automata: A fun swirly blue color thing from a semi-obscure branch of mathematical computer science.

Tie Dye fun: Rainbows everywhere!.

Poetry Generator: Who says computers can't write poems?

Rainbow Paint: A drawing program made for my fiancee. Not half as cool as Rainbow Paint 2.

Not Games, but still cool

3D Animations: Some physics and computer science animations

Physics Applets: Demonstrations and visualizations.

Vision final project: Some informal research.

Mondrian Motion: Some formal research.

This site has plenty of unorganized files. Browse if you wish--you can probably get the source code of any games you want. You can access them here. p>

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