My Experiences with Travelling

I myself don't travel alot around the world but when I do, I usually travel to various places with my family. Below is a list of some of the places I have travelled inside my country, Malaysia, and outside of my country

1. New Zealand
2. Australia
3. Singapore
4. Various places in my Malaysia

New Zealand

New Zealand was a wonderful place to travel, so much so that my family and I visited my relatives who were living there 3 times. The weather there was nice and cold during the summer. The weather there really surprised us when we first arrived because Malaysia is a hot and tropical country. The people there were nice and the food was good. Sight seeing there is beautiful with all the mountains and wonderful scenery. 10/10 would go there again.


On the way to New Zealand, my family and I stopped by Australia to visit some relatives who were living there. One of the places we went to was Gold Coast. It was a fun experience and we siblings and I had a lot of fun in the theme park riding rollercoasters, playing games, and so on. The ironic thing I found through out the entire time there was how much asian food we ate rather than the local food. I still think about that today.


Singapore, although technically outside of Malaysia, is very close physically and also culturally. It is a great place to travel especailly for people who do not want to go to far from Malaysia. On of my most memoriable time spent there was when I had the chance to go to universal studios. It is still one of my favorite amusement parks now.


I can say that many local friends I have have not entirely travelled around their own country as compared to foreigners. It is understood that we as Malaysians don't go sightseeing enough around our own home. But I had a chance to see some of it when I was studying in my previous university.

When I was studying in university, I had the opportunity to travel with my friends to nearby locations. One of them was Genting Highlands in Pahang. It will always be a thrill to go there during good weather especially because of the difference in temperature. The higher altitude sets the air at a comfortable 15 degrees celcius. There is alot to see there such as casinos, bars, and even an indoor amusement park. Melaka was also a another place my friends and I went to. There is alot of history in that place and alot of things to see and do with your friends. The most impressive thing there I can say is the food. There is just so many types of food you can try there. Those places are just the tip of the iceberg and there are so much more things to see in Malaysia

Malaysian travels

If any of you reading ever wants to travel, I would say give Malaysia a chance. There is just so much culture and things to see there Malaysia is also the right place if your focus is on different types of exotic and popular foods.

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