Computer Sciences Department
CS 542
Fall 2023
CS 542: Academic Conduct Agreement

As a student in CS542 Introduction to Software Security, I understand that I must follow these rules. Violation of these rules will be considered academic misconduct and appropriate enforcement actions will be taken.

  1. All work must be your own. Copying work from another person is cheating. If you are considering including material from anyone else or any other source, you must have the instructor's written permission.
  2. If you reference someone else's work, you must cite that work. If you include any text from someone else's work, prose or code, you must not only include a citation, you must also quote the included text. Text generated by an AI system like ChatGPT is consider someone else's work. If you are unsure of a usage, make sure to get the instructor's written permission.
  3. You may not share your work with anyone. Giving code to another person is cheating. Included in this category is posting your work on a public site such as github. If you use such a site, your repository much be private. Public posting of your code is considering academic misconduct.
  4. Programming assignments will be done with partners. Each group of two will work independently from other groups; there should be no collaboration between groups.
  5. All quizzes and exams must be your own work. Copying or sharing answers in any form is cheating.
  6. No computers, tablets, phones, smart watches, or other such devices should visible or accessible to you during quizzes or exams. Any use of such a device during a quiz will be considered cheating.

If you have any questions about what is a permissible activity, talk with me first.

The penalty for cheating will include receiving an "F" grade for the course and having an academic misconduct notation marked on your transcript.

Before any assignment will be accepted for grading, you must turn in a indicate your acceptance of this policy on Canvas.

I have read and understood this class policy, and I agree to abide by it. I acknowledge that if I violate this policy, I will be be subject to an academic discipline action.

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