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Teaching Assistant:

Bryan J. Bigari 5386 Grainger Hall E-Mail: bbigari@cs.wsic.edu

Office Hours:

Monday, 10-12am However, it's easier to make an appointment with me to meet in the lab. Otherwise, call me during the day at 265-4819.


Here's my wife (Tracy) and my Dog (Butch). Here's my wife (Tracy) and my dog (Butch the Beagle). Butch has a very easy life, as you can see.
Now that you've had the joy of seeing an artist in relaxation in action, you should be calm enough to view your grades. View your grades:

Bryan with fish

Here's a picture of me in Florida fishing, right before an alligator chased me from the beach (and scared the crap out of me). If you want to learn more about my method of fishing for stocks (sorry, I know that was a very bad segway), visit my other homepage. It's where your grades are, and you can learn more about what I do here in the Applied Security Analysis Program.

1) If you want any of the old handouts, they are available on the P: Drive at

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