Brent Halsey

It's here, it's boring, it's my personal page. Personal in the sense that it resembles what my personal ad would look like, should I ever get that desperate. If you want links, I also have a home page that I use for personal web clicking.

Nothing but The Facts:

I'm working on my last semester here at the UW. I should escape with a BS in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Because school just doesn't challenge me enough, I work part-time at the Computer Systems Lab. That's why I have so much disk space that I could fill with images. I only need how to figure out the scanner first.

I spent a good deal of my summer dewin' things that can best be described by

in' the

Soon I shall be out dewin' the Mountain Dew. That is, I'll live somewhere that isn't so damn flat.

I also like cookin', reading if I ever get the time for it, and doing regular college-ish stuff like drinking , going to bars, seeing local bands, drinking at the terrace, catching a good movie, drinking coffee, and, of course, drinking.

Soon I will have more pictures than you can shake a web-browser at, but first, I must figure out how to work one of the four scanners we have here.

If you want to know even more about me, I'll let you finger me.

And if that's not enough, pester me with some email.

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