Victor Bittorf

Email: bittorf at cs dot wisc dot edu
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1210 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI 53706-1685


I am a 2nd year graduate student studying Computer Science at UW-Madison. As a member of the Hazy Research Group, I study scalable data analytics under the direction of Christopher Ré. My work focuses on understanding the data management challenges that arise in large scale data analysis problems. I explore systems optimizations (e.g. cache performance on NUMA architectures), RDBMS techniques (e.g. double buffering and file scans), distributed computation and storage (e.g. Hadoop and Accumulo), and language expressibility (e.g. imperative and declarative languages for data analysis) in the context of mathematical optimization problems such as Matrix Factorization, Linear Programming, and Semidefinite Programming.

Prior to joining the Hazy Research Group I was a consultant for NPX Designs working with the Icecube Project. I developed systems to collect, transfer and display data. The systems I designed and implemented are currently running at a data center at the South Pole and process data coming from many sources including weather sensors, Nagios and physics events. My code has been in use since 2007 and notifies collaborators about events ranging from hardware failures to supernovas.




9/2011 - present Graduate Student in Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin at Madison
9/2007 - 5/2011 B.S. in Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin at Madison

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