Zelin (Bobby) Lv

I have graduated from UW-Madison and began my Ph.D. studies at the University of Chicago. New site

I am currently organizing a reading group on Communication Complexity at NJU Summer 2019! Reading Group website here

About Me

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My name is Zelin Lv and my friends know me as Bobby.

I am a senior student majoring in Computer Science (honors) and Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where my advisor is Prof. Dieter van Melkebeek. I am interested broadly in theoretical computer science.



The Space Complexity of Graph Connectivity [Thesis draft outline. This work surveys the current results of directed graph connectivity. It focuses on completeness reusults, the algorithms of graph connectivity problems, developments in understanding the complexity of the graph connectivity problem in different computational models and remaining open problems.]

Ring Morphism Problems and Circuit Minimization [This work shows that given an oracle of MCSP, deciding if two given rings are isomorphic can be done in RP, and finding automorphism of one ring can be done in ZPP.]

'Canonical' Form and Faster Algorithm of Ribbon Graph [This work mainly deals with problems of computing omputing homology of moduli spaces of curves. By introducing a new concept: 'Canonical form' of ribbon graphs, we manage to reduce the time of comparing isomorphisms between 2 ribbon graphs.][Code]

Note on Computational Tractability of Non-Trivial Fairness Assignment (Algorithmic Fairness) [In this note, I summarize the framework of Non-Trivial Fairness Assignment given by Jon Kleinberg, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Manish Raghavan and note some thoughts on the Tractability of Non-Trivial Fairness Assignment of equal base rate.]

Online Bipartite Matching [Scribed lecture note for Advanced Algorithms]

Non-Uniform ACC Circuit Lower Bounds [Paper reading note; Presented this seminal work as part of my Independent Study]

Defining fairness: challenges and Causal Fairness [Scribed lecture note for Algorithmic Fairness]


Super Resolution with Generative Adversarial Networks

Image Style Transfer

Reading Group

Directed Reading Program of the Department of Mathematics, at the University of Wisconsin - Madison: