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Blizzard and Paradyn:
Infrastructure and Scalable Tools for Multi-Paradigm Parallel Computers

* The Wisconsin Wind Tunnel Project

The Wisconsin Wind Tunnel Project is exploring the software and hardware base for parallel, shared-memory computers.

* The Paradyn Project

The Paradyn Parallel Program Performance Tools project is exploring new approaches to building scalable tools for parallel program profiling.

Find out here how to get Release 1.0 of the Paradyn tools!

* 1996 ARPA CSS PI Meeting Panel Presentation

This presentation was made at the 1996 ARPA CSTO meeting in San Antonio.

* Status Report

A recent status report (Jan '95) on Blizzard/Paradyn.

* July 1995 ARPA CSTO "Super Symbol Table" Presentation

This presentation was made at the recent ARPA CSTO meeting in Florida. This project is an effort to develop common access routines to compiler-generated information used by tools for high-level parallel languages.

* And, of course, the Wisconsin COW.

The COW is our Department's "Cluster of Workstations". It consists of 40 Sun SPARCstation 20's, each with dual Ross HyperSPARC processors, 64MB memory, 2 GB disk, and a CDROM drive. It is connected by a Myricom Myrinet and an Ethernet (more networks coming soon).

* Contact Information

Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706

FAX: (608) 262-9777

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