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Worked at Yahoo! on a recommender system that is used by Y! Shopping, Autos, Travel, Games and Real Estate I also worked at Sun Microsystems on improving database performance on the Solaris platform as well as improving XML performance on the Java platform.

Ph.D. - Aug 1999
M.S. - May 1996
Joined UW Aug 1994

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(from Sun Microsystems)


(from the University)

Caching for Multi-Dimensional Data Mining Queries
Proceedings of the 2001 SCI Conference, Orlando, Florida, July 2001. Full Version.

Using a Knowledge Cache for Interactive Discovery of Association Rules
Proceedings of the 1999 SIGKDD Conference, San Diego, California, Aug 1999. Extended Version.

 Memory Management Strategies for Complex Decision Support Queries
Proceedings of the 1998 CIKM Conference, Washington DC, Nov 1998.

Building A Scalable GeoSpatial Database System: Technology, Implementation, and Evaluation
Proceedings of the 1997 SIGMOD Conference, Tucson, Arizona, May 1997.

A Development Environment for Rapid Prototyping of User Applications on Distributed Memory Multiprocessor Systems.
Microprocessors and Microsystems, Nov 1993.


    Professor David DeWitt

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