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The enlightenment of the soul (or whatever one comes equiped with) is important as food to keep one feeling well!

Good Causes

Most of these places donate to various charities for your daily click. If you are feeling charitable, go ahead! If you don't feel charitable... Perhpas you should really ask yourself why not? It might not change your opionion, but maybe asking the question again will make you reexamine yourself to find why instead of just having some trite answer?!

Computer Issues and Risks of Technology

I firmly believe in technology. On the other hand, one often has to be careful how to use it ...

Role-Playing and Gaming News

Science, Technology & other Specific Fields

News sources about technology, specialty areas, and fields of interest.

Diseases, Plagues & Epidemics

I had no inkling I would ever be adding something like this to my web pages. The world has seemed to be getting safer and safer as far as medical problems goes.

Who Blew What Up

Ahhhh... Daily events in the wonderful world we live in. Can you keep track of who is blowing up what? I've tried to seperate these into "zones of influence" around Madison, WI; so, for example, National means the rest of the nation.

Computer Generated News Summaries



Regional ... Mid-West



Czech Republic


How did you do in the stock market (or whatever) today?

The Truth

Who knows what the truth really is, but these folks lay claim to knowing what is apocryphal ... or not.

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