Motorcycle Checklists

From piloting and flight instructing I've come to appreciate the value of checklists and checklist acronyms. The value of these is that it gives you a handle on doing something so that you don't miss important steps. Even when you do something regularily, a slight distraction or break in the routine can make things not happen.

If you haven't been riding in a while, the checklists and acronyms help you recall what you should be doing ... instead of forgetting something important. It can get your mind started before the motorcycle is!

T-CLOCS -- Pre-Ride Inspection

This one is straight out of the MSF's Basic Rider Course

S'FINEC -- Engine Start

This is a modification of the FINEC acronym which MSF uses. FINEC assumes that you always do a T-CLOCS before starting. However, it isn't realistic -- you start the engine a lot more than you do a full-bore inspection.

EKG-S -- Engine Shutdown

This one I made up on my own. I've watched all too many folks not get a bike shutdown all the way, and didn't want to be in their number when things go wrong.

Slow / Look / Lean / Roll -- Turning

Straight out of the MSF course, always a good reminder.

The MSF doesn't do a great job on telling you when to start a turn. Check out some riding books for the different types of turns, selecting turn reference, points, etc. This Article refers to Keith Code's Super-Bike school and gives an application of MSF technique using Keith's work as a backstop.

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