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For my birthday in March 2000 I got a 20 gallon glass tank. I put Zebra Danios there to cycle but I like them so much now, that I will keep them. I wanted originally to add angelfish. Then I added kuhli loaches and I liked them so much!!!! - those are the "kuliest" fish I know!
I had several of them, but no success yet... This is a different story.  Though I just came from the store with two new loaches - the "California" ones, whatever that means, probably they are from there. And they are huge. I mean, really. And black almost - one hardly has orange stripes! And thick too. They are not as shy as "normal" kuhlis -they found the hiding place within a minute and are sleeping there since then :) 

20 Gal glass tank:
AquaClear 200
Hagen 200W heater
Rena100 Air Pump for bubble wall
Plastic plants2

 3 Zebra Danios , 2 long-finned Zebras, and 2 Giant kuhlies (name to be ascertained).

 5 Gal acrylic tank:
undegravel filter
 sponge filter
Hagen 25 W nonsubmersible heater
( performance of this one I do not like at all - at least with small amount of water current it does not control the temperature very well and I can found 72 degrees as well as 82 without changing any settings. On other hand, submersible heater in the big tank keeps 76.)

3 Wight Clouds and 3 black kuhli loaches

This is a White Cloud:

And these are two black kuhlis: 

Aquaclear 200 just mixes the water well.
Though I like Aquaclear performance in my tank - I think it filters the water quite well and so far I did not have problems with ammonia and nitrite, I had to add a separate detail to it: nylon strainer. This filter happened to be a serial killer for kuhli loaches I had... Quite sad. I hope the strainer I made from window screen will help when I get another couple of them.