Cost-Aware WWW Proxy Caching Algorithms

Pei Cao and Sandy Irani, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison & University of California at Irvine.

The techreport version of the paper can be viewed in POSTSCRIPT (283,745 Bytes) form.


Web caches can not only reduce network traffic and downloading latency, but can also affect the distribution of web traffic over the network through cost-aware caching. This paper introduces GreedyDual-Size, which incorporates locality with cost and size concerns in a simple and non-parameterized fashion for high performance. Trace-driven simulations show that with appropriate cost definition, GreedyDual-Size outperforms various existing web cache replacement algorithms in many aspects, including hit ratios, latency reduction and network cost reduction. In addition, GreedyDual-Size can potentially improve the performance of main-memory caching of Web documents.