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9/6/2004 Added office hours in the about me section
7/27/2004 Complete site style redesign, using no frames.
2/6/2004 Included some more projects as well as missing projects which I have been unable to find. Added some course page links to the links page as well.
2/4/2004 Added the Links page. Nothing much there, just the sites I tend to frequent at the moment.
Also included the ramblings above.
2/3/2004 Basic Site designed finished. My bio is up, but nothing else is.
Added my resume and CV in word format.
Also added some info to the projects page.

Why a homepage?
I've always frowned at gratuitous homepages. Web sites should contain content, not useless drivel like 90% of homepages and 99% of corporate sites. So why do I have one filled with my useless drivel?

Because I do so enjoy my own directionless flailing. And because I find that I would like a place to host various projects and interesting assignments as well as my resume should anyone (*gasp*) think to HIRE ME FOR SOMETHING... ANYTHING.

Furthermore I am fully aware that, most likely, I'm talking to myself here since I doubt anyone would find this place more useful and entertaining than say, performing a self-vivisection with a dull plastic spork.

Who am I?
Me? I'm just this guy, you know?

Born in Taipei, Taiwan I emigrated to the States when I was four where I spent my childhood on the mean streets of Tucson, Arizona in a daily struggle for survival against the merciless heat and the cruel environs of the Tucson Unified School District. Despite the dangers of public schooling, I thrived, becoming the leader of the Resistance as I fought for a better future. Moving from one hellish battleground to the next we finally achieved our goal of " graduation" and went on the the blessed land of " college " where we discovered, much to our chagrin, that the foes of the past, Idiodic Bureaucracy and Stupid Drivel had pursued us into this long awaited paradise and had infested the once hallowed grounds with the twin locust swarms of Airheads and Dumb Jerks. After four long years and countless hard won victories I found myself noticed by the powers that be and granted a " Graduate " school position where I remain today. The scars of past wars still haunt me, but there is now hope for a brighter tomorrow, a future for our children free from the torments that plagued my youth.


Actually I'm a pretty boring guy. I like computer games though, those aren't boring. Pool, Poker and Golf are pretty cool too.

Oh right, if you are a student looking for my office number and hours, check out my bio. Its all there.

Last Updated: July 27, 2004