Chunhui Chen (

Graduate Student
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706 USA

OFFICE: 6390 Comp.Sci. & Statistics Center
PHONE: (608)262-6619 (office)
(608)238-8168 (home)
FAX: (608) 262-9777

PhD Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Expected 1995
MS Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1992
MS Mathematics, Peking University 1987
BS Mathematics, Peking University 1984
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Research interests: mathematical programming theory, algorithms and applications, parallel computing, neural networks, matrix computation


Chunhui Chen.
On a numerical method for robust pole assignment by output feedback.
Numerical Mathematics and Applications 10:2(1988), 52-61.
Chunhui Chen.
An algorithm for pole assignment by output feedback.
Math. Numer. Sinica 2(1988), 138-145 (Chinese).
Chunhui Chen.
Perturbation bounds for solutions of algebraic Riccati equations.
J. Comp. Math. 6:4(1988), 336-347.
Chunhui Chen and J. Sun.
Perturbation bounds for the polar factors.
J. Comp. Math. 7(1989), 397-401.
Chunhui Chen and J. Sun.
Generalized polar decomposition.
Math. Numer. Sinica 11(1989), 262-273 (Chinese).
Chunhui Chen and O.L. Mangasarian.
Smoothing methods for convex inequalities and linear complementarity problems.
Mathematical Programming, submitted.
Chunhui Chen and O.L. Mangasarian.
A class of smoothing functions for nonlinear and mixed complementarity problems.
Computational Optimization and Applications, submitted.

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