Determining Building Location Based on an Image



Keeping track of where a photo was taken is becoming easier every year as the use of smartphones to take photos increases. GPS systems within phones can geotag the photo and store that information along with the photo. Although it is an ever improving field, there is always room for improvement and one of those places is inside buildings where GPS systems abilities decrease. Rather than relying on the GPS systems entirely, it is possible to create a geotag for an image by guessing its location based on the image characteristics. In this paper we propose an algorithm to guess what building an image was taken in purely by computing its characteristics and comparing them to a pre established database of already tagged images. Our easily enhanceable methods generated promising initial results that proved significantly better than random guessing. We show that similar methods are a viable option to improve the way we geotag photos.


Our algorithm currently uses the following classifiers:

We plan to add the following to our algorithm in the future:


Download our Paper here.

Download Our Code

You can download the code with other supplementary materials for our paper here. Disclaimer, the code is a little messy and hacky as we were working with photos in Java for the first time.