CS 367:
Introduction to Data Structures

Spring 1999

Course Accounts

Class accounts are available on the Computer Sciences instructional Unix workstations, known as "novas" or "sols". These workstations are located in rooms 1358, 1368, and 1370 of CS&S.

If you are officially enrolled in the course, an account has been created for you, and you just need to log on to one of these machines.

You may do your assignment on other machines (such as your own personal computer), but your code must run on the Unix machines, and you must copy your code to the class handin directory for grading.

The DoIT Tech Store has copies of the Microsoft Visual J++ programming environment, which costs about $50. If you have a Windows system you might want to buy this software and use it for your CS 367 programming assignments.

Unix Orientation Sessions

If this is your first time using the C.S. instructional Unix machines, you should attend one of the Unix Orientation sessions, as early in the semester as possible.

To prepare for the orientation, you should look at the CS 1000 handout, which can be purchased at the DoIT Tech Store (first floor of CS&S).

Orientation sessions will be offered in room 1325 CS at the following times (students need only attend one session):

   Tuesday, Jan 19         4:00 pm         5:15 pm
   Wednesday, Jan 20       4:00 pm         5:15 pm
   Thursday, Jan 21        4:00 pm         5:15 pm
   Monday, Jan 25          4:00 pm
   Tuesday, Jan 26         4:00 pm
   Wednesday, Jan 27       4:00 pm
   Thursday, Jan 28        4:00 pm

The orientation session consists of a short multimedia presentation followed by a "hands-on" session in the user rooms.

Note that you only need to attend one session.

Activating Your Account

If you were enrolled in a Computer Sciences or Statistics course in the Fall 1998 semester, your account has been continued for this semester. This includes students who were enrolled in CS110, 132 and 302 in the Fall semester.

If you have a previous account, you should login with the same user name and password you used last semester.

Students who did not take a CS or Statistics course last semester should activate their account with "newuser". That is, you can activate your account by giving the username "newuser" (without the quotation marks) at the login prompt and a blank password at the password prompt.

Students with password and account problems should go to the Systems Lab, room 2350 CS, during regular business hours (8-12, 1-5 M-F).

Regarding late adds, new accounts will be available the morning after we recieve the data from the registrar. The Systems Lab processes registation data every day during the first two weeks of classes. Please note that there may be a delay from the time students "touch-tone" register until the time that the registrar's data reflects the change.

Students who are not registered will not be given an account, paper quota or disk quota.