Office Location:
Computer Science #4395
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706-1613


Gary Dahl joined the faculty in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall of 2015. He had previously taught computer science and computer game development at Washington College, Brown College, and Globe University. His bachelors and masters degrees in computer science are from the University of Minnesota with specializations in Computer Graphics and Minors in Art and Psychology.

In addition to his teaching experience, Gary started his career in the computer game industry working for Canopy Game on such titles as Harley Davison: Wheels of Freedom, Kawasaki Fantasy Motocross, and Ultra Wheels Street Jam. Since that time, he has also worked on more "serious" applications of game technologies for the US Naval Research Laboratories, the Science Museum of Minnesota, Altec Energy, and a number of smaller startups. In addition to digital games, Gary has designed and published a handful of tabletop games.

Gary is fascinated by computers, games, and education. The intersection of these interests present challenges and opportunities that continue to inspire and guide him.


CS400 - Programming III

FALL 2022, SPRING 2022, FALL 2021, SPRING 2021, FALL 2020

CS300 - Programming II

SPRING 2020, FALL 2019, SPRING 2019, FALL 2018, SPRING 2018, FALL 2017

CS302 - Introduction to Programming

SPRING 2017, FALL 2016, SUMMER 2016, SPRING 2016, FALL 2015

CS540 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

FALL 2015


Perpetually Under Development...