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Last updated 11/30/2021
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About Me

I'm currently a software developer at Epic Systems. I graduated from UW Madison in 2021 with degrees in Math and Computer Science. I like the outdoors: camping, ultimate frisbee, swimming, etc. I grew up near Madison, which is my favorite city. This page is likely out of date...

Some of my interests

More About Things

Here are the ones I thought of when I was writing this. I'm sure I forgot some.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • The Argument Culture - Deborah Tannen
  • How Not to Be Wrong - Jordan Ellenberg
  • Reinforcement Learning - Andrew Barto and Richard S. Sutton
  • Stories of Your Life and Others - Ted Chiang
  • Exhalation - Ted Chiang

I've been running a recreational summer team since 2015. We aren't currently recruiting, but if you are new to frisbee and excited to play, send me an email and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction.

Madison has one of the largest ultimate frisbee leagues in the country (MUFA). In summer, players create their own teams. In spring/winter/fall, you register and are assigned to a team.

A huge outdoor team game at Gov. Dodge State Park (near Madison). Ring Game happens twice every year and is open to everyone. It is sort of like Tag + Capture the Flag + Hide-and-seek, but most people wear costumes. You don't have to know anything about the Lord of the Rings to play. The game takes an entire day to play and uses a huge section of the park. If you are interested please contact me! I will tell you more and would love to help you get to play. We love new people. All people are welcome. This game has been happing here since the 1970s and for good reason!

I really like learning about apple trees. I've grafted the varities below but there are quite a few more I'm still looking for. My mother is currently working on a regenerative agriculture project in Mazomanie and that's where my trees are. At some point I might want to try doing some intentional crosses.

Apple scions I'm looking for: Sundance, Williams Pride, Hooples Antique, Antonovka (any of the non-seedling types), Pink Old Lady, Pink Princess, Gloria Mundi, Freedom, State Fair, Northern Spy, St. Laurence, Legace, Trailman, Yellow transparent, Frostbite, Rubicon, Belle de Boskoop, Enterprise, Macfree, Novamac, Priscilla, Redfree, Trent, Hunt Russet, Redfield, Santana, and Elise.

What I'm currently trying to grow: Almata, Ashmead’s Kernel, Baldwin, Blue Pearmain, Blushing Golden, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Chestnut Crab, Connell Red, Cortland, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Crimson Crisp, Daybreak Fuji, Duchess of Oldenburg, Earliblaze, Empire, Esopus Spitzenburg, Firecracker Crab, Flower of Kent, Fortune, Golden Russet, Goldrush, Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Haralson, Hidden Rose (Aerlies Redflesh), Holstein, Honeycrisp, Idared, Jonagold, Kandil Sinap, King David, Lady, Liberty, Lodi, Macoun, McIntosh, Melrose, Mother, Mutsu (Crispin), Newton Pippin, Northwestern Greening, Opalescent, Pink Pearl, Pixie Crunch, Pound Sweet, Prairie Spy, Red Delicious, Ribston Pippin, Roxbury Russet, Sansa, Sinta, Spartan, Tompkins County King, Twenty Ounce, Viking, Wealthy, Winesap, Winter Banana, Wolf River, and Zestar

Course ID Nickname
English 307 Creative Writing
Asia Lang 234 Hindi 4
Math 234 Calc 3
Math 240 Discrete Math
Math 341 Proof-based Linear Algebra
Math 431 Probability
Math 521 Real Analysis
Math 535 Datascience Theory
Math 541 Abstract Algebra
CS 252 Computer Engineering
CS 300 Java II
CS 354 Machine Organization
CS 400 Java III
CS 536 Compiler and Language Design
CS 540 Artificial Intelligence
CS 564 Databases
CS 577 Algorithms
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