CS/ECE 755-1, Spring 2002

Prof. David Wood

Homework 0

due Wednesday, January 30, in class

Approximate weight: 1%

Problem 1: (5 points)

Fill out a 4 inch by 6 inch index card with the following information (the cards are available outside my office):

Be sure to leave a 2" by 2" space in the upper right hand corner for your photograph (see below). Start each item on a new line. Please print clearly.

These cards and photographs will help me remember who you were when some recruiter calls me a year or two from now and wants my recommendation before giving you a job. If I can't remember you, I can't say much.

Problem 2: (5 points)

Supply a 2" by 2" (passport size) photograph of yourself (preferably in color). Be sure to write your name on the back. The photos will not be returned.

Problem 3: (5 points)

Access the class web page to find the answer to this problem. Write it on the back of the card.

Problem 4: (5 points)

I will send mail to the class mailing list cs755-1list, with the answer to this problem. (This is to verify that you are on the list). Write the answer on the back of the 4 by 6 card. If you do NOT receive the message, then you are either i) NOT registered for the course, or ii) not forwarding mail from your CS account to the account where you read e-mail. For more information on mail forwarding, see the CSL documentation.

Problem 5: (5 points) (extra credit)

What is the name of the movie refered to in questions 3 and 4? Write the answer on the back of the 4" by 6" card.