My geek code and stuff

Ok, so here's my geek code. Now, there's no particular point to having this, since I don't remember what it means any more, and anyone who's reading this probably knows more about me than they want already, but here it is anyway:

Version: 3.1 GL/GCS>GAT>$ d-- s: a-- C++ U+>L+ P+++ L>++ E++/---- W++/-- N+++>++ o+ K++ w !O M-() V- PS* PE* Y+ PGP t- 5>+ X>+ R* tv- b+++>++++ DI+ D---/ G- e--/+++ h-- r !y

Far more useful is probably my NetHack code. I've been too busy to get 3.2.1 yet, but that's ok, because the code doesn't seem to be updated for it. So here's for what I used to usually play, NH+:

NH +D D Indy-AM HP:150 Pw:100 AC:-12 L
[++ )++ P S++ D+ !p+ $++ t+ s++ W+ E-- PS+ PP G+ C-
I+++ @W* N+ !b B+ !Y X+ So+ Sp++++ Sb !wb