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MA887 - Approximation Theory

This page contains information for the Spring 2003 version of this math course. B B Check out the Announcement for the course which will take place MWF 13:16-14:10 at B231 Van Vleck.

As promised in the Announcement, there will be some HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS , and the same page now also provides answers to all the assignments.

Old notes, for 1995, 1998, and for 2000, are still available. However, I will be making changes here and there in these notes as I teach, and, for that reason, will maintain Notes (now up to page 87), in postscript and in pdf. I am assuming that you will have no difficulty printing out the latest pages from the postscript or pdf file. To help you with this, I am putting, for each page, the date of its most recent revision into its lower left corner.

For an earlier version of this course, Amos Ron, a co-instructor then for the second part, prepared the following notes . I will use these notes for the last part of the present course but will not be able to resist the temptation to make changes; so, have a look at the emended(?) notes. In addition, that page (as of 23feb98) also contains an alternative way of looking at approximation order by convolution kernels.

There is a 100-page survey, meant for a general audience, of NONLINEAR APPROXIMATION by Ron DeVore, that has appeared in Acta Numerica; 7; 1998.